Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD

Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD (S.A.F.E.) is dedicated to providing no-cost financial education as a public service.

We believe creating an informed, knowledgeable population that understands the principles of strategic investing and portfolio management is important on two fronts: it not only helps those individuals control the health and safety of their personal assets, but contributes to the strength and stability of our national economy overall.  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO SCRANTON ACADEMY FOR FINANCIAL EDUCATION ltd LOCATED IN WESTBROOK, CONNECTICUT


About S.A.F.E.

Dedicated to providing no-cost education of finance, investing and personal porfolio management.Learn More

About Our Founder

David J. Scranton (CLU, ChFC, CFP, CFA, MSFS) is founder of the renowned Advisors’ Academy, and author of the acclaimed book, Stop the Financial Insanity.Learn More

What We Do

Teaching basic principles all investors should know in working toward a secure financial future.Learn More

Certified Educators

Our educators are successful financial advisors who have proven their knowledge of financial products and strategies through our certification process.Learn More
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